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Digital Marketing Agency vs SEO Freelancer – Which option is better?

Which should you hire: a digital marketing agency or a freelancer?

Digital marketing must be a component of your company. It increases your exposure and enables you to build a strong brand for your small business. Your website, blog, social networks, email newsletters, mentions on well-known industry blogs, and client testimonials on business review websites demonstrate your authority and help you win over your target market.

Who are the women managing your online performance, you ask?

Many businesses aspire to conduct all of their marketing activities internally. Such teams are entirely focused on you, and their only objective is maintaining a positive internet reputation.

You cannot appoint one or two people to oversee your complete digital marketing plan and expect them to produce excellent outcomes. The best way to utilise digital marketing is to hire a real team of professionals, educate them, and provide them with the necessary tools.

Unsurprisingly, many small firms cannot afford the hefty costs of hiring an in-house marketing team. Because of this, they choose alternate solutions like using a digital marketing company or engaging independent contractors.

Here are a few things to consider while selecting a better alternative for your company.

Working with a freelancer offers more freedom and reduced prices…

One of the finest solutions for your business may be to outsource your marketing efforts to a freelancer if you do your research and work with someone who shares your interests and aims. Why is this:

A commitment to your company and more flexibility

A freelancer can give their complete attention to you as a customer because they often don’t take on numerous jobs simultaneously.

Additionally, they are more adaptable than agencies because they often only work with one client at a time. They are quick in making ad hoc modifications and fulfilling your company’s needs because they are entirely focused on your needs.

Before employing a freelancer, you should talk about this with them. Always check whether they can adjust their tasks to fit your schedule and are accessible when needed.

lower prices

You’re undoubtedly interested in establishing long-term ties when choosing a reputable digital marketing business. Yes, you will pay a hefty penny for this. It’s different for independent contractors. Unlike agencies, they can be employed for a specified period of time or even a single assignment. As a result, you are not required to continue working with them if you no longer need their services or realise that your objectives are incompatible.

Yes, hiring freelancers nearly always results in lower prices than working with a digital marketing agency, but this does not imply that they are less expensive. Remember that top digital marketing experts’ prices can also differ depending on various criteria, including their area of speciality or previous experience with freelance digital marketing. Good freelancers are inclined to charge more since they know their value. Take content creation as an illustration. You can notice that these rates range from only $15 per hour to as much as $100 if you pay attention to Upwork.

Employing a company is safer but more expensive.

The hefty costs that many small businesses with tight budgets cannot bear as one of the main blunders of working with a digital marketing firm. However, hiring a company is a long-term investment that could result in astonishing outcomes. As follows:

The top-notch digital marketing specialists that Fresh Approach Agencies employ will plan a face-to-face appointment with you as a client and have a good, in-depth conversation about your marketing goals, values, and missions. They will develop a unique digital marketing strategy for you based on the information they acquire. They always have an original and new perspective, and this is a fantastic chance to develop a distinctive and memorable business identity through your marketing initiatives.

increased constancy

You’ll probably hire a freelancer if you need assistance with a specific job. However, hiring an agency is best if you want to create a consistent digital marketing plan and watch it develop over time. The most crucial benefit is that an agency can manage several facets of your digital marketing initiatives, from website design to SEO.


An excellent digital marketing company frequently communicates with its clients. They pay attention to their objectives and expectations, compile a list of client-specific digital marketing KPIs, and track them regularly. Above all, they are truthful with their clients and offer them thorough reports to let them know how things are going.

Which choice is preferable for you?

Of course, there isn’t a universal response to this query. To achieve your goals with either strategy, you must define clear objectives, conduct adequate research, and work with the appropriate partners. Hiring a freelancer can be very better option if you want to handle specific challenges while staying within your budget. However, a digital marketing agency will help you achieve better results if you improve your digital marketing approach and concentrate on brand growth.

What do you think about using freelancers over a digital marketing agency? Comment below and let us know!

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